How Spring Cleaning can put a Spring in Your Step

Housework is more than just a chore. It has health benefits that should encourage you the next time you pick up the broom to sweep.
With at least 20 minutes of housework, you can cut stress and anxiety by 20 percent. Another way to reduce stress is to use lemon-scented cleaning aids.

Housework helps you breathe easier if you are someone who suffers from asthma or allergies. It’s not just pollen that’s a trigger of allergies, but also dust and pet dander. To illuminate these from your home could benefit the whole family, especially children.

Your mood can be improved by cleaning your house. To most people a cluttered and messy house doesn’t feel like a home. It is stressful if there are unfinished projects lying around the house, so rather finish them and turn your house into a home where you can relax.

Cleaning your house is a great way to get active. A good example is sweeping the floor, where men burn 102 calories, and women burn 87 calories. You can unknowingly exercise while doing house chores.

Health benefits for spring cleaning goes further than the home. Clear your desk at work of clutter and become more productive. Studies have shown that clutter damages employees’ productivity. It might be a good idea to add “cleaning your desk” to your work calendar.

According to the National Sleep Foundation people who make their beds daily are 19 percent more likely to consistently sleep well. Other than making your bed, sleeping on clean sheets can also make you sleep better. A great reason to do your laundry!

A clean home can influence your diet. Research at the University of Minnesota found that people who were placed in a well-organized room were more likely to make healthy snack choices than people who were placed in a disorderly room.

Keep floors and walkways clear to prevent injuries. You could save a trip to the ER.

Washing away rid of food contamination on the kitchen counter, or running baking soda and vinegar through your washing machine, can prevent sickness by washing away the germs hiding inside.

Even low-intensity housework has health benefits for your heart. A 15-year Swedish study of 851 adults found that sitting for 30 minutes less each day reduces the risk of fatal cardiovascular disease by 24 percent.

All these reasons and more should be enough to help you make the most of your household chores.

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