With a state-of-the-art, high technology Research and Development (R&D) facility, Sensory FX creates and develops new flavours and fragrances on a continuous basis. Existing products can also be tweaked easily to emphasise a certain aspect while retaining its original character.

Having an efficient R&D capability enables Sensory FX to quickly respond to customers’ requirements for new and customised flavours and fragrances in a cost-effective way. This differentiating capability enables our customers to introduce new products to markets in a timely manner and where needed to quickly adapt products to suit market requirements, assisting our customers’ in ensuring business sustainability.

Research and development is conducted in the shortest possible time, and the customer receives a sample of the new product for testing. Where necessary the product will be tailored further to meet desired results.

We are continuously strengthening our R&D capability by enhancing our knowledge of the market, trends, product performance and product life cycles through on-going customer feedback. We build our experience of what works and what not and utilised this knowledge in follow-up R&D activities.

Depending on the market region, between 40 to 60% of all Sensory FX products delivered are newly developed, helping our customers to introduce new products on the market, strengthening their competitive advantage.


Our production facility is furnished with cutting edge equipment and production processes are defined to ensure most effective production and shortest lead times.

The seamless cooperation between our Research and Production teams, comprising internationally qualified, experienced, talented and well-trained professionals, enable Sensory FX to supply innovative and trend setting products.

Sensory FX has a team of sales representatives that serves all our customers in a professional albeit personal way while doing informal customer satisfaction reviews on a continuous basis.  Order requests as well as customer complaints are monitored and managed timeously while information gathered therefrom are utilised to optimise R&D and production activities. Through customer feedback and monitoring activities, Sensory FX continuously built its knowledge capacity.

Sensory FX manufactures per order and minimum production volumes are 20kg for liquids and 100kg for powders while there is no limit to order quantities. We also stock a limited number of standard products.  

Sensory FX flavours and fragrances are locally developed and locally produced in South Africa, benefitting local and African customers through quick delivery. The average production lead time is 7 working days (depending on the availability of raw materials). The average delivery time ranges from ½-day to 3 working days, depending on the quantity and location of the delivery.