You can grow out of your acquired taste by developing your taste for food


Are you a picky eater?  Is it making you unpopular at dinner dates? There is hope. By name it is called habituation, which literally means the diminishing of an innate response to a frequently repeated stimulus. Whatever your reason, just know that you can change.

Most of your preferences are formed as a child, but you can teach yourself to eat or drink specific things by being exposed to it often. According to Craig Good (Promoting a healthy relationship with food) you can come to like any food you eat regularly over a period of roughly 6-8 weeks. The surprising part is that only tiny bites, about the size of a pea, are required.

One would never think that something that can taste so bad on one day, can become one of your favourite foods the next. The list is endless. From chilli peppers, black coffee, dark chocolate, hot or cold beverages, mushrooms, olives, red wine, beer, etc.

You can start appreciating the unthinkable, by giving it one pea size bite a day. What do you say?

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