Fresh clothes, clean from the dryer, redolent with the sweet scent of fabric softener… a rich, hearty curry on the stove, filling the house with delicious flavours… the hint of a loved one’s perfume or cologne that remains with you long after your morning good-byes…

Scents and flavours are unique, each one linked to an event, a memory, a favourite occasion. They enhance our experiences and help us to recall those memories with something as simple as a slight whiff of a familiar fragrance. They awaken our senses and bring us delight.

Distinctive scents and flavours enhance our lives in subtle yet profound ways, affecting our mood and the way we experience life.

Sensory pleasures bring delight to our daily lives. Cherished fragrances and flavours are the stuff memories – and brand loyalty – are made of.

Your customers rely on their senses to choose the perfect product, and of those senses, taste and smell are by far the most powerful when it comes to evoking the right emotional connection.

At Sensory FX, we understand not only the science of fragrance and flavour, but the psychology behind it – what makes a scent or taste unique and appealing.

From the familiar, tried-and-trusted combinations that make up the flavours South Africans have grown up with, to the new, vibrant and unique sensory experience that is your brand-new product, Sensory FX knows just how to create the perfect sensory experience.

With unmatched sensory skills and combined experience of more than 100 years, our team of talented and well-trained flavourists and perfumers hit the mark time and again. Our expertise helps you find that magical flavour, fragrance, colour that will set you apart from your competition.

We are committed to quality, consistency and innovation at competitive prices, backed by the best possible service. We pride ourselves on delivering the perfect, high-quality product, at the right price, within the shortest possible lead time.

Working with Sensory FX is more than a business relationship: it’s a partnership. Together, we will discover and develop a sensory experience that will leave your customers wanting more.


Sensory FX was founded in 1999. Since inception, Sensory FX has grown to become one of the leading manufacturers of flavours and fragrances in sub-Saharan Africa.

Sensory FX manufactures and delivers top-quality products, outstanding service, and ongoing support through our team of dedicated professionals, each with several years’ experience in this unique and specialised industry.

The experience, expertise and passion of our workforce, a family grown over the past two decades, gives us our distinct competitive advantage.
*Sensory FX is B-BBEE compliant in South Africa.
Sensory FX takes pride in our team of qualified, skilled and trained employees. Our team is critical to our success, and we are therefore proud to have a high number of long service employees.