SensoryFX leading
developer of flavours
and fragrances

Over the past two decades SensoryFX has become
one of the leading developers and manufacturers
of flavours and fragrances in sub-Saharan Africa.
We pride ourselves on producing and delivering
products of the highest quality with the shortest
possible lead time; an offering that’s complemented
by outstanding service and ongoing support at every
stage our clients’ journey with us.

We owe our distinct professional advantage to the
passion and dedication of our team. With many years’
experience in this unique and specialised industry,
their highly developed skills are critical to our success.
More than that, they’re family – some of whom we’re
proud to say have been with us from the start.

  • approach

    Our unique approach

    At SensoryFX, we understand that taste and
    aroma can be powerfully persuasive tools when
    it comes to driving purchasing decisions.
    They have the ability to evoke particular
    memories and emotions – something which
    can be leveraged to establish a deep connection
    with a brand or product.

    Whether it’s through a tried-and-tested
    combination that creates a sense of comfort
    and familiarity, or an exciting new sensory
    experience that’ll captivate prospective
    consumers, we’re experts at producing flavours
    and fragrances that strike the right notes.

    Our team of talented, passionate flavourists
    and perfumers are dedicated to ensuring your
    product is as appealing as it can be – and
    that it leaves consumers wanting more.
  • quality

    What sets us apart

    We’re a locally based, proudly South African
    company with exceptional development
    capabilities. Offering research development
    support as well as customised development
    and quality control, we’re also able to ensure
    reduced lead times when it comes to R&D,
    production, and manufacturing.

    We’ve developed a reputation for our quality
    and consistency, and for our speedy responses
    to customer requests and feedback.

    Working with SensoryFX is more than a
    transaction; it’s a partnership which we view as
    an ongoing journey. We’re a customer-centric
    business that walks that journey with you from
    start to finish, dedicated to building customer
    relationships and delivering services well beyond
    the supply of products.


Based in South Africa, SensoryFX partners
with customers throughout the  continent
and beyond – and our client base continues
to grow. We proudly offer a diverse array
of flavours and fragrances to a range of
industries. These include Food and Beverage,
Cosmetic and Personal Care, and Chemical, Pharmaceutical and Household Products.

South Africa | Kenya | Zambia | Mozambique |
Cameroon | DRC | Ivory Coast | Malawi |
Zimbabwe | Swaziland | Botswana | Namibia |
Tanzania | Congo | Ethiopia | Uganda | Sierra Leone | Ghana | Nigeria | Pakistan… and growing.